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We are an interdisciplinary team of engineers, mathematician, artists and other creatures located in Zurich, Switzerland. Our beloved goal is to create unique gaming experiences which are settled in the Arafinn Universe. We, at Sycoforge, believe that a good game can only be created with great dedication and attention to detail.

About the Forge

The idea behind Sycoforge emerged in 2009 when two game-enthusiastic engineers decided to spend all of their free-time to work on bringing their dream to live: creating awesome games that carry the player off into an immersive alternate reality. They soon found other number magicians, code-cracks and design-virtuosos that joined them on their journey. And they developed games happily ever after.

Sycoforge, as a Ltd. company, was founded in 2017 by Ismael Wittwer and Michela Rimensberger.


Arafinn Universe

Since 2009 we are working on the fabled World of Arafinn, which forms a self-contained fantasy universe. Over the last years, we have created an entire world consisting of 25 provinces, 2600 cities and villages inhabited by more than 600 families, clans and tribes. We also described the four main languages (Tirdish, Hilduir, Valdyrish, Omturu) spoken across the lands. Each language comes with its own grammar and alphabet. Even the different measuring (time, distance, weight, ...) units were built up from scratch to breathe life into the Arafinn Universe.

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Arafinn - Return to Nangrim

The first installment of the Arafinn Universe will be called 'Arafinn - Return to Nangrim' and centers around the story and the legacy of the almost forgotten nation of the Stonebeards who used to live in the inhospitable realms of the Nimbor Mountains.

Return to Nangrim is a first-person fantasy game which involves exploration, research, puzzle solving and defense strategies in order to unveil the secrets and story of Nangrim.

Procedurally generated content and puzzles guarantee a different gaming experience for each and every player. Although the focus is not on fighting, the player should be prepared to defend himself against the dangers that are lurking in the shadows. To successfully survive in the countless halls of Nangrim the protagonist must fall back on the ancient knowledge of the Stonebeards. Concealed in numberless books the Stonebeards‘ wisdom is waiting for the player to be discovered.


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